What are equipment classes?
Small group classes on the reformer, tower or chair. No more than 5 individuals in a class.
What is a reformer?
It is an apparatus that has a bed-like frame with a flat platform on it, called the carriage, which rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame. The carriage is attached to one end of the reformer by a set of springs. The springs provide resistance and support for the exercises. There are straps that are used for our arms and legs. This is a total body workout. The exercises we perform are similar to the mat exercises we do on the floor. Beginners and Advanced clients truly love the feeling of the exercises on this apparatus. You’ll just have to try it out for yourself!!
What is a tower?
The tower is an apparatus that offers a more stable surface to work from vs the Reformer. Individuals will sit, stand or lie down on your stomach, back and side body on a mat. We use  resistive springs that are attached to the metal bars for our arms and legs .This class includes mat exercises and is a total body workout. Clients tell us that some of the exercises make them feel like they are watching a circus performance! The classes we offer are Very beginner to advanced accessible. Curious? We hope so!
Why try a MAT class?
Your mat class exercises build overall strength and endurance by using your own bodyweight. Our mat classes follow an order of exercises. Props (like the magic circle) are not what makes this class challenging, it your MINDFUL weekly practice of improving your muscle connections that make you stronger. Have children or grandchildren? or a busy life of playing outdoor activities (like pickleball or biking). Do you travel? Then you will want to incorporate mat classes in your Pilates workouts. Clients tell us they enjoy the rolling exercises and the balance challenges. We all laugh together because it’s fun to move!!
How many days should I work out?
Want results? Then you need to workout out consistently 2-3 days a week. Every week. Pilates is for the long haul. Patience, persistence and a desire to get strong.
Does CLP MODIFY for injury?
Of course we do! You are in charge of your body though. Only you know when something is causing pain. We get stronger by working around points of pain! We want to build strength, not cause more inflammation. Semi-privates and privates workouts will be centered around the modifications clients need. Classes are taught to the group. General modifications for the GROUP are given.
What is the difference between SEMI-PRIVATES and PRIVATE sessions?
Both services will provide you the same personalized workout on all the apparatus (reformer, tower, chair and mat) for your 55 minute session. Private sessions are with 1 teacher and 1 client. Semi-privates 1 teacher and 2-3 clients. The cost is also different. Clients can check the schedule for availability and book their session using our booking system. Semi-private groups do not have to be at the same fitness level.
What are our prices?
For a detailed listing, check out our booking page HERE.
New to Pilates?
We recommend you register for our Beginner class. Check out our current schedule HERE.