Class Descriptions

Equipment Classes

All equipment classes alternate between Reformer, Tower and Chair

Classes will have either 3 or 4 clients

Classes are by invitation only, please contact the Studio

Healthy Spine

We use the reformer and chair to focus on strengthening and stretching the muscles in our torso. This class is for individuals looking to keep their backs strong and have specific limitations. Participants have completed at least 10 privates in the Studio.

Beginner/ Intermediate

Optimize the use of your body with proper mind-body control. Slow to medium paced class that often uses props to help integrate and connect you better to the exercises. This class works on enhancing your concentration through better breathing and creating a stronger more flexible spine and core.

Intermediate I

Strengthen and stretch your glutes, hips, spine and abs. Reduce the chance of injury by creating more efficient movement patterns and working imbalances. This circuit style class includes a contemporary and classical approach alternating between the different apparatus, the Bosu, and trampoline. Expect some foam rolling for your IT band, piriformis, and quadriceps. May include jump boarding.

Intermediate II

Enjoy a medium paced class that focuses not only on your form, but your flow of movement. Minimal rest between exercises. Individuals understand the Pilates method and have body awareness. Class will challenge your balance, coordination, and strength. An energizing total body workout. May include jump board. Participants must be pain free.

Time and day of class varies, preregistration is required

4-6 week sessions

Beginner series-Building the Foundations

Embrace the benefits of learning the foundations of your Pilates practice in a small group setting on the reformer, tower, or chair. This is a great start to your Pilates practice and is geared toward beginners. We will need 3-4 people to begin your class. You will learn:

  • How to use your abdominals more effectively
  • Pilates breathing to help you focus and activate muscles
  • Control of your movement, connecting your mind and body to what you are doing
  • Precision to form to enhance how the exercises are performed
  • Learn over 20 different exercises that will stretch your spine, release tight muscles and tone your body

Aging Gracefully

A class designed to address the challenges we face as our bodies age. With a focus on balance, flexibility and maintaining muscle strength.

By being proactive in our health we may be able to slow down the aging process and improve mobility, increase stability and strength.

Learn how to work your tummy without hurting your back. Walk down steps with confidence, minimize overall body aches. We will use the various props and equipment throughout each session.

3-6 people to begin class

Mat classes

50 minute classes

Level of class taught according to the group

Contact the Studio to reserve your spot in class and please bring your mat

Mat classes are always based on the Pilates method of conditioning. You will learn the following:

  • how to use your abdominals more effectively
  • Pilates breathing to help you focus and activate muscles
  • control of your movement, connecting your mind and body to what you are doing
  • precision to form to enhance how the exercises are performed
  • flow and transition of exercises, feeling a sweat

Mat and Props

Stop straining your neck during exercise and start working your tummy the correct way. Knees hurt? Try strengthening your glutes and working your feet. We’ll use magic circles, bands, small balls, blocks or small weights as we go through our Pilates mat work.

Have a Ball

Using the stability and small balls during your practice will fire your small stabilizer muscles! Let’s ease your sciatica pain and improve your posture and balance. You are sure to feel your abs! A contemporary and classical approach to our mat work.

Rise and Shine

This mat class will leave you feeling energized and ready for the day! We incorporate a variety of static stretching between our Pilates mat exercises especially for the hamstrings and hips. Enjoy some creative exercises using the block that will surely wake up your inner thighs and glutes!

Rock and Roll

Tight muscles can be difficult ones to work! Enjoy some rock music as we use full, half-round rollers and pinky balls during class. We will use the roller to release our IT band, quads, back, piriformis and more. Strengthening our core will keep our scapula, shoulders, pelvis and spine balanced and aligned.
Look for my free Mat class with your donation to the local foodbank every 3 months! We will run down all 36 mat exercises without props. Put your skills to the test with this fast pace mat flow.